Case 1: Service logistics

ASSIGNMENT: Exchange system for repairable units

Forums ILS helped the customer to build a more effective service logistics for the flow of exchangeable and repairable units. The exchange system of units was used for support in a number of service contracts and guaranteed availability performance for the products in use. The initial problem was to solve the customer’s problems with low availability and high service costs for reparations and administration of the repairable units.

After an initial study of logistics flows, service tasks and repair costs a number of technical and economic analyses were performed of the product’s and service organisation’s dependability performance, needs for preventive service task and the product’s operational use.

The result for the customer was a dramatic improvement of both the repairable units’ availability performance and a reduction of costs for service tasks. This was also leading the end customer satisfaction and improvement of availability for the fleet of vehicles. The customer is today continuously using the created analyses procedures and support system that Forum ILS developed within the assignment.