Case 2: Service in product development program

ASSIGNMENT: Integration of service in product development programs

The customer is in need for supporting competence in order to satisfy its customer’s requirements on supplying an effective total solution of product and services. The requirements require one structured approach during the product development including analyses of reliability, maintainability, supportability and costs for service resources.

Forums ILS works together with the customer in the development project and builds in parallel a systematic approaches of analyses tools and transfers competence to the customer’s organisation. The development work also includes technical and economical analyses in order to define and to plan the demand of all service resources like spare parts, tools, personnel and documentation.

The result for the customer is fulfillment of end customer requirements for the total solution. This is achieved by supporting the development project, and also by creating a structured and effective approach for dependability and service analyses in the development process. The customer’s organisation and employees have an increased competence in dependability management and analyses.