Case 3: Service development

ASSIGNMENT: Business development of new services

The customer lacked uniform and defined services adding value to its customers’ use of the products. The objective was to develop new and more competitive services with good profitability.

Forums ILS and the customer performed the development in three stages:

1. Mapping of existing services on different markets and evaluate their profitability and competitiveness. A variant of Porter’s Five forces analysis was used.

2. Analyze the end customers’ all required activities before, during and after the use of the products (Customer Activity Cycle) and define new potential services matching these end customer activities.

3. Analyze the market potential for the defined services and to develop payment models and packaging of the services.

The result for our customer was well analysed and defined services for market adaptation including related payment models. Forum ILS supports this customer with continuous market evaluation, analyses of potential services and related service resource demand planning and logistics.