Within the Forum ILS consultant areas there is a need for integration of product and service related information – information based on product configurations and related to area of dependability and service performance. To be able to succeed in the integration of product and services, and creation of effective total solutions, a support system for analyses and calculations of dependability and service parameters is required.

Forum ILS is developing a database application and a number of analysis and calculation models within the area of ILS, dependability and LCC. We describe here our integrated supports system SICS and LCC-analysis model LEA. Please contact us for a demonstration and to discuss your company’s specific needs.

SICS is a database application integrating the storage of ILS, dependability and service related information. SICS are using information from PDM/CAD and ERP systems to perform analyses and create high dependability performance for products and the required service operations. SICS handles product structures from PDM-systems, support dependability analyses of the product, and defines and calculates the need for service tasks and all service resources. SICS supports the configuration management of spares, constitutes the base for logistics planning of service operations, and economic calculations of service contracts.

LEA is a calculation model used for evaluation and analysis of Life Cycle Costs and cost performance metrics. The model is used for the cost analyses of different product and system designs and e.g. to find cost drivers in relation to the product’s dependability performance. LEA is also used for calculation of service contract and to evaluate the best economic solutions for different service level agreements. The model is also used in the purchasing process for evaluation of tenderer from external suppliers. Based on MS Excel the model is easy to use and to tailor for its intended purpose, and to perform transparent economic analyses and evaluation. LEA is supplied to Forum ILS customers free of charge.